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Introducing the youth-boosting routine that will help you shave off the years and enhance your skin youthful appearance. The entire series is enriched with nature's finest ingredients: from DeadSea minerals to avocado and borage seed oils, vitamin E and Collagen - along with the latest patented technologies Eyeliss™ and Renovage™


Specialized care for the neck and décolleté, Defining Lift Neck Cream is based
on Dead Sea waters, avocado and borage seed oils and an assortment of nourishing
vitamins for a hydration replenishing formula that helps improve the texture of this
vulnerable and often neglected area. Added Juvinity™, an anti-aging patent that helps
reduce the appearance of wrinkles, works in perfect synergy with added antioxidants to
condition, rehydrate and detoxify the skin for uniform tone and a look of restored youth.

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The silky gold-enriched formula simply glides on during application, delivering rapidly absorbed
antioxidants contained in green tea, vitamin C, grape seed oil, lipids and essential acids.Together with jojoba oil for an omega-6 boost, these natural ingredients help to protect against visible signs of premature aging, leaving a smooth,nourished skin feel and the luxurious benefits
of natural hydration. Shea butter is nature’s mineral-rich moisturizer, delivering velvety hydration, and witch hazel extract helps to tighten the skin, for fresh, firm radiance and
a golden luminous glow.

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Puffiness Eraser is a powerful anti-ageing microcream that works effectively to diminish the appearance of fine lines and puffiness around the eye area. Enriched with EYELISS™, this unique complex works to instantly tighten and smooth the sensitive skin around the eye. The result - a fresh & youthful appearance within minutes!

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This powerful cream has been formulated to contribute to the softness and flexibility of the delicate skin around the lips and the eyes. Based on the innovative, lab-tested Resistem™, extended use of this revolutionary product has shown to improve skin's appearance. The cream contains calendula oil, jojoba oil and shea butter which nourish and moisturize the skin. It further contains vitamin E that is essential in promoting skin elasticity. Also present is coenzyme Q-10, a natural antioxidant that provides extra protection to the skin, crucial to the delicate eye and lip area.

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This remarkable firming mud mask uses an amazing magnetic block and is formulated to resist wrinkles and firm your complexion, leaving it looking and feeling younger than ever. Beyond the magnetic qualities of the natural iron, the natural iron is a well known tremendous healing agent. When the natural iron magnetic nature encounters the magnetic fields which naturally occur on the skin,small electric currents form on the skin and run deep into the tissue. These gentle currents relax the skin through the topical nerve endings and greatly improve the skin's nourishment and breathing abilities and immensely revitalize the skin in a swift and deep process.

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