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  • Optima+ Supreme Thermal Mask

    Optima+ Supreme Thermal Mask

    This wonderfully effective mask acts as a refreshing, deep cleansing treatment. It is based on patented, lab-tested Resistem™. Extended use of this revolutionary product has shown to improve skin's appearance and enhance uniform tone and texture.
  • Optima+ Supreme Face Serum

    Optima+ Supreme Face Serum

    Created to enrich the skin and illuminate the complexion, the energizing nutrients in this highly concentrated serum will produce unbelievable results.
  • Optima+ Supreme Face Cream

    Optima+ Supreme Face Cream

    This extraordinary face cream has been created to help minimize the appearance of wrinkles and compensate for the skin’s natural aging process. Its remarkable formula works to provide all-day intense hydration, leaving the skin with a translucent, protective layer and a soft, silky feeling.
  • Optima+ Supreme Eye & Lip Cream

    Optima+ Supreme Eye & Lip Cream

    This powerful cream has been formulated to contribute to the softness and flexibility of the delicate skin around the lips and the eyes.


    Get all four Optima Plus products for an outstanding price! Set includes: Optima + Supreme Thermal Mask, Optima + Supreme Face Serum, Optima + Supremem Face Cream & Optima + Supreme Eye & Lip Cream.