• Gold Performance 24K Intensive Mask

    Gold Performance 24K Intensive Mask

    Formulated with 24K gold, this nutrient-rich mask caresses your skin with powerful Dead Sea mud and minerals and hydrates with jojoba, chamomile, borage and evening primrose oils, as active Tightenex technology helps tighten the face and smooth away the signs of time, improving the skin's elasticity and creating a supple, radiant and sensuously soft complexion.
  • Gold Performance 24K Intensive Face Serum

    Gold Performance 24K Intensive Face Serum

    The silky gold-enriched formula simply glides on during application, delivering rapidly absorbed antioxidants contained in green tea, vitamin C, grape seed oil, lipids and essential acids. Together with jojoba oil for an omega-6 boost, these natural ingredients help to protect against visible signs of premature aging, leaving a smooth, nourished skin feel and the luxurious benefits of natural hydration. Shea butter is nature’s mineral-rich moisturizer, delivering velvety hydration, and witch hazel extract helps to tighten the skin, for fresh, firm radiance and a golden luminous glow.
  • Gold Performance 24K Intensive Face Cream

    Gold Performance 24K Intensive Face Cream

    Remarkable Tightenex and enriching 24K gold, combine with added vitamin E in this luxuriously textured cream that can help boost the skin’s collagen for a firmer, more supple appearance. The ideal skin-supporting formula, complete with the antioxidant effects of calendula flower and grape seed oils, lipids and essential acids, helps strengthen and protect the skin, as the hydrating effects of velvety shea butter calms, softens and cares for even the driest skin.

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    Now you can buy the whole Gold Performance set including 24K Intensive Mask, 24K Intensive Face Serum & 24K Intensive Face Cream, at an outstanding price!

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  • Gold Performance 24K Intensive Eye Cream

    Gold Performance 24K Intensive Eye Cream

    Luxuriously textured and deeply hydrating, this lightweight eye cream nourishes with smoothing Tightenex™, conditioning shea butter and cooling aloe vera to intensely moisturize and blur the appearance of fine lines and soothe the delicate eye area. Reviving Dead Sea minerals combined with luscious 24 karat gold and precious vitamins E and B to deliver a potent boost of restorative antioxidants to the delicate skin surrounding the eyes, leaving your complexion looking firm, refreshed and radiant.