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A perfect harmony of ancient wisdom and science

People are our most important asset

Aqua Mineral is a complete beauty care line created to promote the skin’s well being and counteract the effects of aging. Based on wonder working Dead Sea minerals, famous for their remarkable health and beauty benefits, and mixed with innovative Renovage™,Resistem™ and Tightenex™ technology, Aqua Mineral revolutionizes traditional skin care solutions by working with your skin's natural powers of recovery, helping it to achieve a naturally healthy glow
 In a world increasingly aware of health and environmental protection, Aqua Mineral™ invests both in its human resources and state-of-the-art equipment.
Our 300+ dedicated and experienced employees work as a team and are committed to guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers worldwide.

A perfect harmony of ancient wisdom and science

Mixing precious natural components with today’s cutting edge technology, Aqua Mineral products are the culmination of years of research and investment, ensuring that we remain among the leaders of anti-aging skin care brands. We take pride in an advanced manufacturing facility that enables us to meet the growing needs of our clients worldwide and maintain unrelenting quality control through all stages of production. Our technological practices exceed the most demanding quality assurance standards, Aqua Mineral™ is certified by FDA – GMP and ISO International Standards (14001) and our production is supervised by the Israeli Ministry of Health Pharmacy Division.
Aqua Mineral stands at the forefront of cosmetics, combining the power of top quality ingredients with innovative research, nurturing your skin and enabling you to keep defying the effects of time. 
All Aqua Mineral™ skincare products are paraben-free and contain no sodium lauryl sulfate
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