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Harmonizing ancient wisdom with advanced science. A comprehensive beauty care line created to promote the skin’s well-being and counteract the effects of aging, Aqua Mineral is based on ancient Dead Sea salts and minerals, famous for their extraordinary health and beauty benefits, and innovative, patented technology, which revolutionizes traditional skin care solutions by enhancing your natural potential so you glow with effortless radiance.


The culmination of years of research and investment, Aqua Mineral products combine precious, natural elements with today’s cutting edge technology and act as remarkably powerful controllers in slowing your skin’s natural maturation process.


All our ingredients are carefully selected from elite sources around the globe, to maintain the highest possible quality in our products. We take pride in a manufacturing process that maintains unrelenting quality control from the moment the first ingredient is selected until the product is opened and applied, guaranteeing that our customers are completely satisfied with every drop of their Aqua Mineral product.

Aqua Mineral stands at the forefront of cosmetics, combining the power of top quality ingredients with innovative research, nurturing your skin and enabling you to keep defying the effects of time.